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*Recommended class sizes of 35 participants*

Animal Physicality:

Ideal introductory class for younger students. This workshop is designed for anyone who loves animals! Through games and activities, you will get to use your favorite animal to create your own character, just like the ones you’ve seen in our plays! Learn how actors research their favorite animal character, and become them in voice, body, and interaction! (Recommended K-5)

Creating a Character:

Discover how to portray a wide range of characters from villains to heroes, young to old, tall to short, and more! By focusing on character physicality and gestures, students will make honest and bold choices to sculpt unique and effective characters. (Recommended Grade 3 and Up)


Learn how to think on your feet in this fun workshop on improvisational theatre. Through a myriad of games and activities (some you may have seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway?), learn to connect with your scene partners, the space, and your imagination on the spot! (Recommended Grade 5 and Up)

Stage Combat:

You will be introduced to safe, basic hand-to-hand combat designed to look real on stage. Students will be guided through safe techniques on how to perform combat like the fight choreography you see in our plays! (Recommended Grade 5 and Up)