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Fall 2015


This is the first installment in our series of adaptations of the beloved Narnia saga by C.S. Lewis. Step with us through the door of an old wardrobe and enter a snowy world laced with fantasy and wonder. There you will meet quite the cast of magical creatures as you accompany two intelligent and imaginative children, Lucy and Edmund, on their adventures. This delightful story is entertainment for the whole family, while still providing insight about the emotional climate of childhood during World War II. Additionally, the play uses elements of traditional English folklore, Greek mythology, and of course 20th century literature to educate the audience.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Resources: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis


Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a timeless story with a universal message about the true spirit of the holiday season and the importance of friends and family. The tale follows the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge and his clerk, Bob Cratchit, during a particularly difficult Christmastime. Through visits from three spirits, Scrooge learns the true meaning of helping his fellow man, and that there is no time like the present to become a better person. Besides being a feel-good story about love and friendship, this adaptation educates the audience about the class system of Victorian England and encourages them to help others who are less fortunate.

Recommended for Ages 5 and up.

Resources: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens