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Meet the Company

Meet the Company

Daniel Matmor started his career training as a chef at the Savoy Hotel. Then, after working in various restaurants, he decided to leave all that glamour and become an actor.

After time at Montview Drama school he toured for several years with a Shakespeare theatre company throughout Europe and America. His first film role was in Robert Altman’s Tanner 88. From there, Daniel went went on to cut out a niche career in Independent and art films. He’s worked in Africa,the Republic of Georgia, the Middle East, and the exotic eastern corner of Canada — New Brunswick, where he shot the award winning mini-series Canada Russia ’72. For this hockey series, Daniel had to speak primarily in Russian, learn everything there is to know about Hockey and freeze for 6 weeks on an ice rink in February. Daniel is a committed actor!

His other credits include: starring in Toby Hooper’s cult classic, The Mangler, opposite Ted Levine and Robert England, the award winning Prince of Sorrow, and the second World War drama The Poet, opposite Nina Dobrev and Darryl Hannah. Television credits include Murdoch Mysteries, Covert Affairs, Reign and Rookie Blue.

Daniel’s writing credits include writing for Warner Brothers, Canon Pictures, Crystal Sky Productions, director Tobe Hooper, producer Tarquin Gotch (Home Alone, Trains Planes and Automobiles) and producer John Dailey (Platoon, Terminator).

Daniel also deals in tribal and fine art and volunteers his time in prison teaching art. drama and creative writing.