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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Shows:

What is your rate?
-Our flat rate for each of the shows is $535.00.

How long are your shows?
-Each of our shows run up to 60 minutes and includes a brief Q&A with the actors at the end of the performance.

Can I book more than one show at a time?
-Yes! We often do “block booking” where a venue will book two or more shows. We offer two shows a tour season to choose from.

How do your shows work?
-Each of our shows are done by 2 actors and a small set. Our sets include 2 fold up flats, 2 backdrops, and a curtain. Depending on the show we will have small pieces of furniture to accompany the set.

You’re a touring company: where do you tour?
-Our headquarters are located in New Hampshire and we have touring teams that disperse across the country. One of our tours covers the New England area, one will cover the mid west and one will cover the west coast. It depends on the season where we will be, but we can have up to 4 tours at a time.

How do your workshops fit into your shows?
-Workshops are designed to be an addition to our shows so they can only be purchased with a show. Each workshop, like our shows, are different but all aim to further educate audiences about theatre!

How much space do you need to perform?
-Typically the dimensions of our sets are 25 (left to right) x 15 (front to back). However our sets can be modified to fit into smaller spaces.

My Library/ School doesn’t have much of a budget for performances/programming but we really want you…what can we do?
– We offer the “Oliver Twist Initiative” for circumstances just like yours

Do we need to provide anything for you?
-Each show will require different needs. Most often our shows don’t require anything from the venue we are performing except the space.

What is a Residency?
-This is where we go into a school for a day and do multiple workshops and a show.